#AceTweetDesk – Gailtaler Speckknödel aus St. Stefan https://t.co/viGxy9EAmk

#AceTweetDesk – Coffee French Macarons https://t.co/FF0SzKoJDa

#AceTweetDesk – Apfelwaffeln https://t.co/6FsMScLosP

#AceTweetDesk – RT @WildlifeTrusts: This #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek we’re asking everybody to #ConnectWithNature. Spend just a little time listening to bird song, stopping to smell the flowers, or watching a busy bee! 💚🌸🐝 https://t.co/X9lHlKFVYI

#AceTweetDesk – RT @philipmould: One of the earliest portraits of Elizabeth I as Queen (C.1558) as we now discover it began life: an orb(?) rather than a prayer book, and mighty fancy sleeves. Piety clearly prevailed for one of her first artistic outings. https://t.co/k25dfgB9HB

#AceTweetDesk – 13 Cafes/Restaurants in Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines https://t.co/4gxLGaKSVb

#AceTweetDesk – RT @LGSpace: Dear Garden Centres, Peatlands are better carbon sinks than rainforests. Home to insects, birds, plants found nowhere else. Take 1000s years to form. But they’re getting wrecked. One threat is peat extraction for gardening. Ps help by going #peatfree. See https://t.co/jNzYwEAdc2 https://t.co/XUImGV0plV

#AceTweetDesk – RT @CARAA_Center: Gold bracelet buried and found in the so-called “House of the gold bracelet” in Pompeii. A two-headed serpent forms the body of the bracelet, enclosing a portrait medallion, representing the goddess Selene, goddess of the Moon. https://t.co/EWl0sUiSnT

#AceTweetDesk – Spinatsalat mit Kernöl, Chili und Honig https://t.co/pvLk5pODsn

#AceTweetDesk – RT @SCMPNews: Extreme thunderstorms have hit eastern China, leaving 11 people dead and 102 injured. https://t.co/3M9r6XPjWy