#AceTweetDesk – RT @istockhistory: Ancient Egyptian tombs discovered dating back before the pyramids #archaeology #archaeologist #history https://t.co/jsKtsZtGp2

#AceTweetDesk – RT @ArtifactsHub_: A 12 million year old praying mantis encased in amber https://t.co/ysI5TLEXyL

#AceTweetDesk – RT @DrAmirKhanGP: Morning! My london run today took in this poignant sight I get a lot of abuse online from conspiracy theorists for promoting vaccine uptake, mask wearing+social distancing But seeing the 150k hearts on this wall for those lost to Covid reminds me why I do it @CovidMemorialUK https://t.co/MPbZT3n5Rr

#AceTweetDesk – RT @ST0NEHENGE: Sunrise at Stonehenge today (1st May) was at 5.39am, sunset is at 8.29pm ☀️ #MayDay #Beltane https://t.co/WifdAJZcPi