#AceTweetDesk – RT @SCMPNews: Taiwan boosts its defences as long-range missile goes into mass production https://t.co/Re9MsjrKbD

#AceTweetDesk – RT @GMOFreeUSA: Join the virtual protest to Stop Oxitec’s Genetically Modified Mosquitoes: https://t.co/lajfrrVhde If you know anyone in #Florida or #Texas, it’s extremely important that you give them this information. #NoGMOMosquitoes #GMOmosquitoes #Florida #FloridaKeys #Texas #StopGMM https://t.co/nJOnYuzQXd

#AceTweetDesk – RT @SCMPNews: Following frosty talks with US officials in Alaska, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in the southern Chinese city of Guilin https://t.co/t91cfD4I8W

#AceTweetDesk – RT @CDCgov: Use cleaners and disinfectants correctly to prevent the spread of #COVID19. Misusing disinfectants can lead to serious harm or even death. Never eat, drink, breathe, inject these products into your body, or apply them directly to your skin. Learn more: https://t.co/XPZRd7Pmiz. https://t.co/XdGKvJOBqB

#AceTweetDesk – RT @GMOFreeUSA: What do we want? CLEAN WATER. What do we need? CLEAN WATER. Who is preventing us from having it? The GMO agriculture and factory farm CAFO industry. Take action to ban #CAFO/factory farms in honor of #WorldWaterDay: https://t.co/dmOnL9pFme https://t.co/z3Rsw6BPIJ https://t.co/xTHBWdN3KT

#AceTweetDesk – RT @NHSEngland: If you’re 50 or over, it’s time to book your #NHSCOVIDVaccine. Visit https://t.co/qRqdKuCXTP, or if you’re unable to use the online booking service, call 119. https://t.co/1HO9ViNwLY

#AceTweetDesk – #AceRecipeNews – Geschmorte Putenbrust und Hokkaidokürbis #AceNewsDesk report https://t.co/2t5f5TnE5u

#AceTweetDesk – RT @SCMPNews: Hong Kong preschool shuts as toddler among 11 new cases of Covid-19 https://t.co/YpCPN5sFC0

#AceTweetDesk – RT @markc_anderson: Thousands of people who have been hiding in rural areas of #Ethiopia’s Tigray region recently arrived in the town of Shire, which has become a base of operations for humanitarian efforts that workers say are not enough to meet the growing needs. https://t.co/7Gkiw1TTtf

#AceTweetDesk – RT @leamobs: Waste down and recycling up say Warwickshire council chiefs – https://t.co/x05b5StXjT https://t.co/150Uwv73e9