#AceTweetDesk – RT @IVukic: Croatia: Fundraising For LaudatoTV – For Christian Values In Public Arena https://t.co/TkU0cVU73S

#AceTweetDesk – RT @leamobs: New all-weather pitch completed at Racing Club Warwick – https://t.co/t8Fg9Q56aR https://t.co/TA4bNxDNQ0

#AceTweetDesk – #AceRecipeNews – Osterschinken im Briocheteig #AceFoodDesk report https://t.co/pwXYXkQ0Rr

#AceTweetDesk – RT @NHSEngland: ‘If you’re due your second dose, please keep that appointment.’ Over 2.5 million people have now received their second #COVIDVaccine jab. Dr @NikkiKF thanks colleagues and reminds those in the priority cohorts who haven’t had their first dose to book now. https://t.co/TbnseFeT6Y https://t.co/zmQ6bq4wSp