#AceTweetDesk – RT @FirstNightArt: Map of the World is out! https://t.co/mKuOn2KBqC Contributors include @ReporterPhoenix @strandedatsea @Best_of_Tara #portugal #nortedeportugal

#AceTweetDesk – RT @globaltimesnews: Prison sentences ranging from 15 months to 14 years were handed out to 17 defendants involved in China’s largest smuggling of pangolin scales — over 23 tons of pangolin scales were smuggled from Nigeria in Africa to S China’s Guangxi. https://t.co/4GmQuW8Qib

#AceTweetDesk – RT @i24NEWS_EN: #EU announced it would redouble its efforts to save the 2015 #Iran #nuclear deal, despite strongly criticizing the Islamic Republic’s decision to crank up #uranium enrichment to 20% at its #Fordo facility – far in excess of the agreement’s limits. https://t.co/i4oC38AQoE

#AceTweetDesk – RT @Breaking911: BREAKING: Los Angeles County EMS tells ambulance crews not to transport patients with little chance of survival to hospitals and conserve the use of oxygen. Area ICUs are nearly full because of surging Covid-19 numbers – CNN

#AceTweetDesk – RT @halfeatenmind: How mass vaccinations halted a killer virus in 1950s Glasgow https://t.co/f1s821Rjeo

#AceTweetDesk – RT @GMOFreeUSA: Mexico’s capital begins 2021 with a ban on single-use plastics https://t.co/dvm9UrUVyP