#AceTweetNews – RT @EsquireUK: ⚡️ “What people are saying about ‘The Devil All the Time’” https://t.co/RLnUIR1zz7 UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – RT @KensingtonRoyal: Discover ‘Hold Still’ ‑ a community photography project launched by The Duchess of Cambridge in collaboration with @NPGLondon, as we unveil the final 100 images! https://t.co/QQRovlZKU7 UKMoments

#AceFoodDesk – A lunch fit for an Indian summer’s day! https://t.co/wXqY97Tvbb

#AceFoodDesk – IT’S OFFICIAL: Walkers Cheese & Onion are the nation’s favourite crisps, according to a new poll. What do you think came second? 😱

#AceFoodDesk – What’s for dinner? Allow us to suggest this sole meuniere. Perfect for a fine September evening, wouldn’t you say? https://t.co/aYkwV1s8mX

#AceTweetNews – Alexei @Navalny posted from his hospital bed in Berlin, Germany, after a recent poisoning incident in Russia. https://t.co/9KJ4OZHl34 UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – A study commissioned by Twitter India shows that Indians found joy in everyday conversations last year, be it casual commentaries on food or celebrating nice weather. Some cities led the way in finding joy in more than one way, let’s take a look and relive those moments👇 https://t.co/3fMeFo8CRy TwitterIndia

#AceTweetNews – President Trump confirmed on Tuesday that in 2017 he supported assassinating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, reversing a previous denial in 2018. https://t.co/zFM3XkpU9F UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – The hub will include: 📰 The latest election news from journalists and news outlets 🗳 A tool showing every candidate with an Election Label by state ▶️ Live streams of major events like debates https://t.co/z7ySpg4S78 TwitterGov

#AceTweetNews – The hub will also include PSAs that provide nonpartisan information to help voters participate in the election. Like or Retweet this Twitter from @TwitterMoments👇 to get the info delivered directly to you. https://t.co/8mpms6mKTE TwitterGov