#AceTweetNews – “Why is this trending?” – was actually Tweeted over half a million times over the last year! To help answer this, and give more context around why something is trending, we’re adding pinned Tweets and descriptions on trends. https://bitly.com/3gOjKSA TwitterIndia

#AceTweetNews – Pro-democracy activists are urging a boycott of a Beijing-led mass testing effort in Hong Kong over fears that the DNA samples could be sent to China. https://bitly.com/2EQMNrB UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – Footballer @MarcusRashford has formed a task force with major supermarkets and brands to fight child food poverty. https://bitly.com/2EJIVbW UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – Julian Alaphilippe retains the yellow jersey as #LeTour heads into the Alps. Keep it here for all the action and reactions from Stage 4. #TourdeFrance https://bitly.com/2QG0Ra1 UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – The furlough scheme has started winding down and the UK government has repeatedly ruled out an extension. https://bitly.com/3gNp2h9 UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – New regulations are in place for students going #BackToSchool. https://bitly.com/2QP9Y85 UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – With pupils heading back to school, here are some resources and best practices on how to stay safe during the pandemic. #COVID19 https://bitly.com/3jwWJVX UKMoments

#AceTweetNews – Three things— 1. “Retweets with comments” is changing to “Quote Tweets” 2. Quote Tweets will appear right next to Retweets 3. The mask goes over your nose https://bitly.com/34QFeMn TwitterIndia

#AceTweetNews – Join us tomorrow at 4 p.m. for a Facebook Live First Tuesday event with SVAC Captain Nick Farese. He will discuss crime in the Las Vegas Valley and some of the innovative that we are combating it. https://t.co/H64Q1gK4f9 #FirstTuesday #LVMPD https://t.co/64tm0H7qMs LVMPD