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  1. #Washington Federal Officials Decline Prosecution in the Death of Freddie Gray Justice Department reported Tuesday here is the full report of their findings, overview and case history #AceNewsDesk reports
    #AceNewsReport – Sept.13: The Justice Department announced today that the independent federal investigation into the death of Freddie Gray, Jr., on April 19, 2015, in Baltimore, Maryland, found insufficient evidence to support federal criminal civil rights charges against six Baltimore Police Department (BPD) officers #AceNewsDesk reports 
  2. Amazon has seen a 50% fall in the amount of UK corporation tax it paid last year, while recording a 54% increase in turnover for the same period AS taxes are paid on profit NOT turnover SO mitigate profit lower taxes DEAL DONE: #AceNewsDesk reports 
    #AceNewsDesk – Aug.11: This snippet of news raised eyebrows this morning when it was revealed. So what’s going on? Taxes are paid on profit not turnover. It paid lower taxes because it made lower profits. 

BBC News asked: Why Amazon’s UK Tax Bill Has Dropped 50% then went onto say …Last year it made 48 million British Pounds (BP) or ~$62 million U.S. dollars (USD) in profit — this year it made only 24 million BP or ~$31 million USD so it paid 7 million BP (~$9 million USD) tax compared to 15 million BP…

  1. #Worldwide #War Creates Another Horseman of the Apocalypse FAMINE with at least 108 million people experiencing a severe hunger crisis as BROTHER FIGHTS BROTHER http://ift.tt/2x0nf3b #AceNewsDesk – @AceNewsServices
    #AceNewsReport – Aug.09: At least 108 million people experiencing severe hunger, 10 out of 13 largest hunger crises driven by conflicts – WFP chief #AceNewsDesk reports http://ift.tt/2x0nf3b http://pic.twitter.com/fMZxQWpky7RT (@RT_com) August 9, 2017 #AceNewsDesk EDITOR: Thanks for following as always appreciate every like, reblog or retweet for all our daily news and minute by minute 24-hours […]
    #Worldwide #War Creates Another Horseman of the Apocalypse FAMINE with at least 108 million people experiencing…

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