The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 2: Shifty Lenders.

Additional survival tricks

bytonytran2015(Melbourne, Australia)

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The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 2: ShiftyLenders

Because of the requirements in life we do have take loans during some phases of our lives: A worker has to buy a car to go working far from home and later he has to buy his house using long term loans. We certainly have to borrow to buy houses if we neither use gold to store our saving nor want to lose much of the saving in hand to the vicious inflation ([2]).

1.The shark lenders in car finance preying on new borrowers.

The lendings by banks to the starting up car buyers have to be appreciated.

However, there are often more numerous greedy “shark lenders”, who are usually located next door to the car show rooms, and are associated with the car dealers…

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The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 1: Motorvehicle Insurance Scammers.

Additional survival tricks

bytonytran2015(Melbourne, Australia)

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The Parasites of Western Economy, Part 1: Motorvehicle Insurance Scammers.

If you have ever been to Vietnam, you will see more than 40 million motorbikes on the roads. They go on their daily routines, occasionally causing minor accidents and damage but people don’t threaten their road sharers with law suits. Owning a motorbike there is thus mostly an advantage and very rarely a liability (it is so only when the owner is outrageously stupid). How can they do that and why cannotWesternersdo it?

They can do it because they have not been brainwashed and enslaved by Vehicle Insurance Parasites.

1. The Vietnamese way of handling non-fatal traffic accidents.

1a. If you lose a small paint scratch then consider it part of wear and tear of a quickly depreciating asset. You have to be tolerant to the other…

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Tennessee Enacts Nation’s “Most Comprehensive” Campus Free Speech Law…

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It’s About Time…

The eight page Campus Free Speech Protection Act was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam after passing the Tennessee House of Representatives and Senate by votes of 85-7 and 30-0, respectively.

The law mandates that public colleges and universities in Tennessee adopt free speech policies consistent with the University of Chicago’s 2015 Stone Report. Chaired by Chicago Law Professor Geoffrey Stone, the report’s findings were adopted last year to great fanfare. Despite his emphasis on campus free speech, Professor Stone is hardly a right-wing ideologue. He clerked with archliberal Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, chaired the Board of the American Constitution Society, a leading lefty-leaning lawyers’ association, and served on the National Advisory Council of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Tennessee law will expressly prohibit the use of so-called “free speech zones” to limit the areas of campus on which certain viewpoints can be heard…

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Illegal Alien Enriches American Culture…by Murdering his Wife, Daughters, and Niece…

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Tolerant American citizens get to mop up the blood, and pay for his upkeep in prison…Thanks dim-o-crats…Thanks “sanctuary cities”…

A week after a quadruple homicide stunned a south Land Park neighborhood, Sacramento police said the suspect initially confessed to the crime to his cousin.

Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, 56, called his cousin last week who then called police and repeated what he’d learned, Capt. Dave Peletta said.

“Our suspect had come to his house earlier in the morning and confessed to something very horrific,” Peletta said. “The complainant then called us and said, ‘It’s very unusual, he’s a relative of mine, but I hadn’t seen him for an extended period time. So, it was very odd that he would come here and throw this out on me.’”

When officers arrived at the home, they picked the lock and discovered, what Peletta described as, a “horrific crime scene.”

Peletta told this information…

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